When having guests visit, you want to make sure that your home looks special. Embroidered guest towels are one way to spruce up the bathroom. These special towels can be embroidered with designs or initials, depending on your style and tastes. Towels can be embroidered by hand or by sewing machine. Often, embroidered guest towels can be ordered directly from a company that specializes in the personalization of clothing. Using initials or names when embroidering towels will help guests to know which towel belongs to them during their stay.


Unexpected guests are coming to stay for the holidays at your house. The bathroom is a mess and there aren’t enough towels. This is a perfect opportunity for you to invest in some guest towels. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness to their needs. It will also give you a good opportunity to pretty up your bathroom with luxurious bath towels and hand towels.

There are four types of guest towels that you will need in your bathroom for your guests. These are:

  • Bath towels-27′ x 52′ used mainly for drying after bath or shower
  • Washcloths-13′ x 13′ used mainly for washing body and face
  • Fingertip towels-11′ x 18′ used in guest bathrooms to dry hands
  • Hand towels-16′ x 28′ used for drying hands

The style of towel you purchase depends on how often you’ll use the towel. For a touch of elegance you can’t go wrong with the embroidered guest towel or the monogrammed accent towel.

The material of the guest towel is just as important. The material’s dependably has a lot to do with how much wear and tear the towel can endure without tearing or wearing out. For example, towels made of dense material tend to be more durable than towels made of lighter material.

Bath Towels

It makes sense to purchase bath towels that are of a dense material that can quickly absorb water. Luxurious Egyptian or Pima Cotton bath towels make perfect embroidered guest towels and are highly durable with proper care. Organic cotton bath towels are a good choice for the environment as they use non-toxic chemicals in their processing and are known to take less time laundering. Microfiber bath towels are probably the best quick drying and least expensive guest towels you can purchase. They have the added bonus of being easily stored.


This type of towel will probably be the most used towel in your bathroom, besides the bath towel. The materials utilized in washcloths need to be highly durable, yet comfortable enough to use. The old terry cloths that your grandmother and great grandmother might have used are still available in durable cotton that lasts for years. Microfiber washcloths have stepped on the scene recently with mixed reviews. Bamboo muslin washcloths provide a luxurious scrubbed fresh feeling. Washcloths made of Egyptian or Pima Cotton materials are soft and absorbent. Monogramming on this type of material makes an elegant statement.

Fingertip Towels

Decorative towels are often made of materials that don’t stand up to frequent washings. Fingertip towels, usually only seen in guest bathrooms, are not often purchased from materials used in bath towels, washcloths and hand towels. Instead these types of towels are quite often made of Turkish cotton that has a natural sheen or bamboo. Elegant and pretty to look at, these towels make a pretty overlap to a bath towel or a hand towel display.

Hand Towels

These types of towels along with the fingertip towels are the towels most likely to be seen and utilized for normal hand drying. Embroidered guest towels with monogramming designs make a pretty sophisticated statement for your guest bathroom. Variations of patterns and beautifully designed embroidery create a good atmosphere to your guest bathroom.

A Price Comparison on Materials

The first thing you want to consider when purchasing guest towels is how frequently you’ll be using them. If, for instance, you use your guest towels once a year then you may consider investing in a guest towel that is pretty but doesn’t last long. The second thing you might want to consider is how you or your guest will be using the towels. The third and final thing you should consider is price.

Material – Price Range – Quality

  • Egyptian cotton – $6.99 to $169 per towel- Exceptional quality material/highly durable
  • Pima cotton – $7.99 to $200 per towel- Exceptional quality material/highly durable
  • Bamboo – $16.00 to $250 per towel- Super absorbent/ eco friendly
  • Microfiber – $6.00 to $35 per towel – Revolutionary quality/ fast drying
  • Organic cotton – $12.99 to $50 per towel- Good quality/ exceptional value

Price fluctuate due to white sales

Qualities to Consider When Purchasing a Guest Towel

Your guests deserve to be treated to pretty towels that match your décor and colors. They also deserve the softest and most absorbent guest towels available. Sometimes spending a few extra dollars to purchase the Egyptian cotton instead of the regular 100% cotton is best, especially when the cotton has been mixed with other materials.

Synthetic cotton makes perfect sense when you can’t afford the higher quality materials. This material comes in a variety of colors and styles. Delicate designs can be found on guest towels made of synthetic cotton and other materials.

Microfiber, bamboo and organic cotton guest towels make ecological sense with few chemicals involved and a natural absorbency. Your guests will appreciate the quick drying and soft feel of these guest towels.

Guest towels that can withstand frequent washings are best when towels are used frequently. The construction of the bath towel makes a difference in how absorbent it is and how well it stands up to repeated wear and tear. In comparison, guest towels that are made with just decorative scheme in mind are best utilized infrequently and saved for special occasions.

Other Factors to Consider When Purchasing Guest Towels

Color coordination with your guest bathroom’s décor is one consideration you should consider when purchasing guest towels. Neutral colors like brown, blue and black tend to blend in to the background. You can create a classic guest bathroom by matching neutral colors together or a modern guest bathroom by selecting bold colorful bath towels that make a bold statement.

Size is important. Your guest bath towels should be at least 27′ in length so your guests can use them to dry off after a shower or bath. You should have at least one medium sized towel that can be used for wrap your guest’s hair up in a turban. You should have at least one washcloth that can be used for face and body and one hand towel to dry hands.

Thin and scratchy guest towels are a “no-no.” You should try to avoid thin towels for your guests. The towel’s weight often reflects the quality of the towel, except in some cases where the lightness of the fabric denotes the quality of the material.

It’s probably best to stick to color solutions or lasting color towels when you’re purchasing towels that won’t bleed in the wash. Darker colors are often recommended for kids.

When comparing style and comfort, there are a couple of things you should consider before purchasing guest towels. You should first consider what kind of impression you want to make with your guests. Good hosts understand that most guests prefer fluffy, absorbent guest towels. Secondly you need to consider how often you will launder the towels and how much usage they will receive.

A second rate towel that is thin and scratchy will be a definite turn off to your guests. Likewise towels that don’t hold up in the wash and are not durable should probably only be used as decorative towels. Quality towels don’t have to be expensive. You just need to know how to look for the best quality towel at the best price.