The decision to get your GED or diploma is one of the best you’ll ever make. When you have your GED or diploma in hand, doors start to open up for you. You’re eligible to be hired for more jobs or to attend a college or university. There are a number of study techniques that can make it easier for you pass the test for your GED as well as a number of places where you can get a regular diploma without attending traditional school.


If you do not have your high school diploma or GED, you have probably come up with many excuses for why you have not yet gotten one. Either you are too old, you cannot afford it or you do not feel that you have the time are the most common. But with the advantages of having some certificate of completion of high school skills, the convenience of online high schools and many other factors, you will find that it is never too late to get your diploma.

You Are Not Too Old to Receive Your GED

Occasionally you see a story on the news about an 86, 97 or even 106 year old finally earning their high school diploma. While at that point, it’s not likely to help their job prospects and is usually done to fulfill a sense of accomplishment, it still proves that even if you are close to retirement age, the benefits to earning your high school diploma equivalency are enough to justify earning yours today.

As well, many jobs want at least a high school diploma in order to consider you for promotions. Most employers view a diploma as a sign that you have the basic skills required to function in the modern workplace including math, writing and communication. Considering also that 85% of the population has a diploma or GED, not having one is viewed as being below the accepted standard.

Finally, a high school diploma or its equivalent is a minimum requirement for many certifications as well as college education. While you may not think that college is for you, many apprenticeships, licenses like barber or beautician for example and many jobs require a certification that you possess the skills of a high school graduate or its equivalent before you can apply.

You Have the Time to Earn Your GED

Another often heard excuse is that you do not feel that between work, family and other commitments that you have the time to earn your diploma. Many live GED classes are scheduled during normal waking hours, so if you work a full-time job and have children, you may think that there is not a workable option for you to work towards graduation. Thankfully with the advent of online high schools, you can do your course work when it is convenient for you through watching your courses online and doing your assignments when you have the time.

Most programs, whether offline or online, offer sample tests that allow you assess which portions of the test you need to focus on in order to pass. Between the convenience offered by online courses and the ability to focus your work on the areas of most need, it is possible to work smarter and better towards your high school diploma.

You Can Afford to Earn Your High School Diploma

Many excuses for not earning your diploma come down to not having the money available to take a course or the test itself. While it may seem difficult to come up with the hundreds or thousands of dollars a course and test will take, not only will the advantages that open up to you when you have your GED, most states have grants or scholarship programs available to pay for your program and test.

Especially considering the value of your GED, the cost of even an online high school is low enough that a friend or family member might be able to loan you the money. As well, many areas have programs which give internet at a reduced price in order to facilitate the educational advantages of the Internet in general. With a little effort, you can easily find a way to earn a diploma.

You Are Not the Only One Without a Diploma

According to Department of Education figures, at least 15% of the adult population in the United States lack a high school diploma. While you might feel isolation and the world shutting its doors to you, not having a diploma is more common that you might believe. As well, in 2014, 700,000 people took the General Education Development test, with a majority of them passing and graduating to a world of options including college, apprenticeships and licensing towards better jobs.

There are numerous stories out there about people who were struggling to get anywhere in their lives until they finally took a chance and enrolled to earn their GED. While it may be embarrassing to enroll in a course, it cannot be as embarrassing as seeing the doors shut to you without a high school diploma.

You Can Pass the GED

Many people put off earning their high school diploma because they feel that passing the test itself is too daunting. A seven hour test is not something that many people would want to do by choice, but you should not let what appears to be a difficult task scare you.

The key to doing well on any test, the GED included, is preparation. Many high schools offer courses that cover the facets of the test as well as advice on how to place yourself in the best position to succeed on the test. As mentioned above, there are also online high schools which can give you these same courses at a more convenient place and time for your needs.

Finally another avenue of aid in studying for your test can be found in libraries or bookstores. Many books are available that have the same tips and tricks offered in a course and have sample exams that you can take to familiarize yourself more with the test format and content.

Getting your diploma has never been easier than it can be today. There are many resources, including online high schools and preparation courses, available to assist you not only in studying, but in addressing many of the other potential roadblocks you may have had in getting you diploma in the past. When you consider the advantages you receive with a diploma, it can clearly never be too late to earn yours!