3D printers are the technology of the future–and they’re coming to your living room today. 3D printer technology enables people to make a 3D model of anything they’d like, right in the privacy of their own homes. While these printers still have significant limitations, they’re well on their way to science fiction-style applications that, as little as a few years ago, seemed impossible.


3D printers have recently become very affordable for the average household, something that has been anticipated for the last five years. Now that they are affordable, you can buy your own and make hundreds of unique items. It’s possible to print nearly everything: clothing, shoes, musical instruments, kitchen equipment, artwork, furniture, decor, cellular accessories, camera lenses, and even models of unborn children in utero have been printed in three dimensional formats!

Whether you are a musical artist that is looking for a unique guitar or a parent who wants to turn a child’s artwork into a precious keepsake, it can now be made possible with a 3D printer in the comfort of your own home.

Printed Kitchen Utensils

One can never have too many kitchen utensils, especially when there are so many different items that are necessary in the savvy chef’s kitchen. Instead of making a trip to the store, new utensils can be printed at home with a 3D printer.

It is worth noting that only food safe plastics or metals should be used to ensure that there are no dangerous chemicals leaching into the food that is prepared with them. They also need to be printed from plastic that can withstand the heat from cooking foods.

Utensils could be printed in a rainbow of colors, and can be made in any size. In addition, custom patterns or shapes could be used in the design.

Children’s Artwork Could Last Forever

Creative children stay quite busy with crayons and paper, presenting their finished works to their parents when completed. These drawings are very special for the parents, but they commonly get destroyed, lost, or tossed into the trash. Instead, these adorable imaginative drawings can be printed as three dimensional sculptures. Durable plastics will stand the test of time and the rough play they might encounter with the fascinated child. Even the filled in colors can be printed onto the three dimensional drawing. The original piece can be locked away for safe keeping after replication.

Clocks and Decor for Bare Walls

A bare wall is always an eyesore in a family home. A 3D printer can be used to spice things up, printing anything from small shelves to hold previously printed figurines or even wall clocks. Shelves can be printed in virtually any color to match the furniture in the room, satisfying even the most selective of individuals. Wall clocks can be intricately designed to produce a one of a kind conversation piece. It will be necessary to buy a clock hardware kit for it to work, as well as some batteries.

Musical Instruments for the Struggling Musician

Musical equipment is incredibly expensive; not only to obtain but to maintain as well. Any accident involving a prized instrument, including losing it or dropping it, could spell disaster for a musician that is struggling to make ends meet. Rather than purchase a new one, the musician could make one!

3D printers can use metal and plastic, allowing you to print a replica of a metal instrument. While the printed instrument may not sound exactly the same due to the difference in materials used in production, it can still sound absolutely beautiful when such a gifted musician plays it. Instruments could be slightly difficult to print due to size, but this is a small price to pay when compared to the price of a new instrument.

Protective Cell Phone Cases

Cellular phones are one of the most expensive things that nearly half of the world’s population carries on a daily basis. Should the phone be dropped and a broken screen occur, you are in for a very expensive and time consuming repair. There are thousands upon thousands of cell phone cases on the market today, but 3D printers can produce cases that are truly one of a kind. You can completely customize a case, complete with your name or monogram engraved into the case for identification. It could be printed in any color, any texture, and with any design. You could even print cases that resemble animals, people, or objects.

Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, you could print your very own ornaments for your holiday tree. As ornaments continue to become more expensive with each passing year, it becomes a hassle to spend so much out of pocket for them. Instead, intricately designed ornaments could be printed with 3D printers. Snowflakes, snowmen, stars, angels, decorative balls, icicles, initials, and much more could be designed by you.

This adds a much more personal touch to your holiday season. In addition, friends and family could be given a special ornament every year as a gift. With the versatility of three dimensional printing, there are no limits to the unique ornaments that are spawned by your own creativity.

Charms and Jewelry

Jewelry is one thing that some women simply cannot have enough of, especially when the jewelry can be created with your own personal fashion tastes in mind. It is much easier to keep up with trends when you can print jewelry on demand. Jewelry is important for accenting every outfit; however, there are times when not a single piece seems to match the clothing that you are wearing.

Instead of frantically searching for a solution, you can quickly and easily design the type of jewelry that you need before a big event, social function, or family gathering. You could even sell unique designs for an extra income, or gift the jewelry for birthdays, holidays, or major life events.

With the popularity of cell phone charms and charm bracelets, adorable small charms are always a great item to create. A small clasp and connecting string are all you need to attach them to bracelets, cell phones, key chains, purses, or backpacks. Popular symbols, adorable animals, initials, and food items are a great place to start with charm printing. Charms should be small and lightweight, making them the perfect first project ideas for small 3D printers.

Brand New Toys for Children

One of the most beloved possessions of children are their toy collections. Adding new toys on a regular basis keeps them interested in playing with them. If you have children, you could craft a new toy for them every other week. The toy could be as simple as a figurine or as complex as an entire building set, such as building logs or interlocking building blocks.

3D printers can save parents a lot of money in the long run, especially since plastic and metal toys can last for a very long time. While it might be difficult to create dolls with hair or talking action figures, you can always find creative toy ideas to attract your child’s attention.