The convenience of online shopping pertains to furniture as well as other goods. Online furniture stores offer customers the ability to see pictures of the furniture. The customer can usually see other details about the furniture that they might not be able to get in stores, such as measurements, variety of colors, and coordinating pieces. Online furniture stores not only offer convenience, but are less stressful than shopping in stores with high pressure salespeople. Online furniture stores provide many benefits to the customer.


In the awakening of this digital era, furniture stores have not been left behind. Online furniture stores have risen to fame quickly due to the tremendous growth in consumer confidence and preference. They have become a desirable alternative to the hustle of visiting crowded furniture stores. The availability of stylish, affordable goods at your fingertips is simply a dream come true.

Here we highlight five online furniture stores we have grown to love. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will feel empowered and informed enough to decorate your house with ease.

1. Cymax

This online store was founded back in 2004 as a tiny audio-video furniture website. It has surpassed all odds to become one of the most successful online furniture stores today. Its annual sales have exceeded $100 million US dollars. With its headquarters in Burnaby, Canada, Cymax has managed to expand its sales out of Canada and into the United States. It has also been ranked among the Top 200 e-retailers in the world by Internet Retailer Magazine.

The proud founder, Arash Fasihi, admits that this successful venture started with his frustration with the limited selection of furniture available in local stores. His “eureka” moment came after he purchased a TV stand on the internet. This marked the birth of Cymax as With time, Cymax expanded from TV stands to a wide selection of home furniture and décor.

Cymax now boasts the largest selection of office and home furniture on the web. They have liaised with about 200 vendors that enable them to provide a wide variety of options for you. Its user-friendly website allows you to be simply one click away from your dream home or office.

Choosing to shop online on Cymax saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent moving from one store to another in a fruitless search. They offer to deliver the goods to your home through their transparent shipping system that provides you an estimate of the time it will take to deliver your goods.

They have excellent customer service and have a guaranteed manufacturer’s warranty that comes with all brands they sell. This assures you of the quality of the service they offer.

2. One Kings Lane

The story behind this online furniture store is as incredible as the store itself. One Kings Lane was born out of the heart and sacrifice of two brave, hardworking, visionary women. The story behind it is one of success against all odds.

One Kings Lane was launched in March 2009, five months after the two founders, Alison Pincus and Susan Feldman, met and decided to pursue their dream together. Their passion for innovation and home decor led them to start One Kings Lane. This would serve as an online destination for clients like you, seeking to find and discover home and lifestyle brands that appeal to and inspire them. After five months of endless efforts, relentless faith and commitment, they were ready to launch their business. Before that, however, they had to sacrifice their life savings, risking all for the success of this dream.

It did not disappoint. One Kings Lane is now among the world’s leading online stores for the best vintage, top-brand and designer products at incredibly affordable prices. The products they sell range from gifts and decorative accessories to home lighting and furniture. They have specially selected antique dealers and designers that guarantee you a professional touch to their eclectic mix.

One Kings Lane currently has its headquarters in the trendy SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. In 2012, the company was able to raise $200 million in revenue. One Kings Lane is now your one stop shop for an array of exceptional, one-of-a-kind furniture and home décor. You will not be disappointed.

3. Dwell Studio

For all your art lovers, Dwell Studio is here to meet your household art needs in terms of décor and furniture. It was founded in 2000 by Christiane Lemieux and was named Dwell Home Furnishings. In the beginning, it was simply an innovative brand in the bedding market but it quickly grew to encompass home furniture as well. Dwell Home Furnishings rebranded in November 2007 and became Dwell Studio. This shift was aimed at unifying the different lines that it was focused on; from kids’ accessories to bedding and tabletop accessories.

As a veteran in the fashion world, Lemieux founded the company to offer her customers a wide variety of modern, vibrant textile designs. Her store has a signature quality; using bold colors, impeccable construction, and adventurous designs to create state-of-the-art furniture. Years later, and the company is still testing the boundaries of aesthetics and conquering the impossible to bring you incredible designs.

Lemieux admits that being the founder and creative director is no easy task. Juggling her family and work life has always been very difficult but also worthwhile. The inspiration she receives from her children has helped her maintain her brand among the most trusted in the home market.

4. Jonathan Adler

“Your home should make you happy.” This is one of the statements in the manifesto of Jonathan Adler. Another interesting claim they make is that their lamps will make you look thinner and younger. While we cannot attest to that, we can attest to their exceptionally unique furniture and home décor accessories. With pottery at their core, Jonathan Adler have succeeded in making a name for themselves.

The company is named after its founder, Jonathan Adler. It is an e-commerce site with unique offers and products that all revolve around pottery, which is Jonathan Adler’s passion. He started his business fueled by the desire to come up with all the pieces necessary to create an elegant and stylish home for all those that are interested. His love for pottery has been a core part of the company and has defined the majority of the products they sell.

This successful business currently has 25 stores across the world and is located in 1000 different cities. Their unique designs have featured in high-end hotels and restaurants across the world.

Their products range from tabletop collections, bedding and bath accessories to rugs, lighting, pillows and other decorative accessories. All these amazing products are made available to you at affordable prices. Jonathan Adler is determined to bring modern American glamor to your home.

5. 1stdibs

This has been described by many as the one-stop shop for “the most beautiful things on earth.” 1stdibs offers you the equivalent of an instant buying trip that takes you across the world. This is a destination like no other, allowing you to call “dibs” on products you love and wish to purchase.

Whether you are a collector, designer, curator or just a lover of beautiful things, 1stdibs was created specifically for you. It connects you to the best dealers and finest galleries and shops in the world. These are the kinds of connections you would probably never make on your own. This alliance between 1stdibs and world-renowned dealers enables it to offer an inventory that is unparalleled in the furniture industry.

It was started in 2001 by Michael Bruno, a luxury estate dealer. The website was his platform to share with the rest of the world the authentic and beautiful pieces he collected during his time at the historic Paris Marché aux Puces. He may not have anticipated it, but 1stdibs quickly grew and expanded, becoming one of the world’s premier online luxury marketplaces.

Its website has been rebuilt to allow you to have an easier time when buying furniture online. From fine art to fashion and jewelry, their product list has a great variety. It is likely that you will run out of time before you run out of options and variety on 1stdibs.

With all these choices and the many more online stores in the web, you have no excuses for not furnishing your home as you have always desired to. There are many upsides to online shopping, and the variety of products is only one of these upsides. The experience of buying furniture online is exhilarating, surprisingly easy and empowering. It frees up time you would have otherwise spent running around different stores across town trying to find your perfect piece.

These stores, among many others, offer you the widest variety of genuinely beautiful and artistic home furniture and decorations. Our advice is simply this: do not deny yourself the exciting experience of stumbling upon an exquisite, rare, antique, vintage or modern piece of furniture or decorative accessory for your home. After all, your home should make you happy. So, waste not time. Get online now and start shopping.