Once your family starts growing, it’s necessary to choose a car based on the size of your family and your new needs as a parent. Check out this selection of top family cars to learn more about which cars can easily hold several car seats across the back seat, which cars are ideal for transporting a car full of kids, and which cars can handle the mileage you’ll put on them as a busy parent.


Shopping for a new or used family car can be a stressful ordeal. Pushy sales people, hiked up prices and lack of research can add up to a negative experience. Choosing a vehicle for your family should be a fun, exciting adventure, and it can be with a small arsenal of information in hand. No matter what type of family situation you have, there is a type of car that will be suited to your needs. Considering storage space and the correct number of seats will be just a couple of the important details to pay attention to when searching for a new car.

Sedans offer a classic family vehicle with the bonus of lowered gas mileage. The smaller scale choice makes everyday trips easy and smooth. There are many awesome choices that can meet any type of family’s needs.

Ford Fusion

If a sedan is what you have in mind, the Ford Fusion is made for family life. If your family is environmentally conscious, this model comes in a hybrid version. This will also keep some money in your pocket at the gas pump. The sharp exterior keeps the look cool while still providing a comfortable, safe ride. Bonus: techie add-ons will keep all of your electronic devices charged and available.

Prius V

Just because you have a family doesn’t mean you can’t look out for the environment. The 40 MPG to Prius V helps you do your part while still getting 50% more cargo space than the original Prius. Toyota gave families what they desired with this helpful hybrid.

The minivan has come a long way over the years. Once reserved for soccer moms, this family friendly style has morphed into a stylish, coveted vehicle for anyone wanting extra room with all the perks a techie could ask for. Families of all types are now considering minivans and many can’t imagine life without them.

Honda Odyssey

Honda has a knack for giving families what they want. If you decide to go the route of the minivan, this is the way to go. The seats in this vehicle can be adjusted for many situations. Easy access to child seats makes loading and unloading a dream. Many grandparents find that investing in an Odyssey is a wise choice when helping to care for their grandbabies. The comfortable ride and ease in entering and exiting adds to the positive attribute list.

Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is a star when it comes to winter weather capability. It is available with all-wheel drive and stands out from the rest in that regard. This best seller is available in 7 or 8 passenger versions with plenty of legroom in each. The 7 passenger version has a few more bells and whistles in the seating department — think recliner style lounging chairs and footrests.

The SUV continues to win as a family friendly option. There are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from. SUV doesn’t have to equal gas guzzler either, as hybrid models grow in popularity.

Nissan Pathfinder

This family-friendly SUV has been redesigned in recent years to become a sleek, kid toting machine. Great handling, improved fuel economy, and the Around View Monitor are just some of the features that will make families love the Pathfinder. This vehicle is a top pick for those wanting plenty of room but are not quite ready to go the mini-van route.

Chevy Tahoe

If outdoor adventures are your thing, the Chevy Tahoe is made for your family. With seating for 9, and cargo room to spare, this full-size SUV can haul the whole family, their gear and the boat to the lake. Even daily errands are made easy with a quiet ride and rear-seat entertainment options.

Chevy Suburban

For the growing family on the go, the Suburban is an excellent choice. With seating for 9, there is plenty of room for a vehicle full of passengers. If people hauling capacity is a priority, this may be the car for you. Kid, grandparents, teammates, and even the family pet will have room to relax in this spacious vehicle. There is plenty of room for cargo and the towing ability is an amazing 5 tons.

Honda CR-V

If you are looking for a more compact SUV, this sharp looking vehicle offers a smooth ride, comfortable seating, and excellent pricing. With room for 5, this is a great choice for any family looking for the SUV experience on a smaller scale. This model can be upgraded with leather for easy wipe downs and rear entertainment systems for keeping kids happy and occupied on long road trips.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. While not every family would choose a pickup truck as their family vehicle, some depend on the versatility of a truck to keep their family moving.

Ram 1500

From baby car seats to ATVs, the Ram 1500 can do it all. The excellent suspension system of this style provides a smooth ride comparable to any mid-sized sedan. However, this truck can go where most cars can’t. Whether you’re taking dirt bikes out for an adventure or just taking the kids to school, this truck will make an amazing addition to the right family.

Ford F150

Boasting the best towing capacity in its class, this truck hauls an RV, trailer or boat with ease. And with a 2.7 Ecoboost engine, you can afford to take those adventures more frequently. The cab has plenty of legroom and provides a quiet ride. An improved tailgate step makes loading and unloading a breeze. This powerful pick is a great choice for active families ready for excitement.

Whether your main concern is safety, storage space, or number of seats, you are sure to find a family car that suits your individual needs. Car companies have come a long way to provide consumers what they want and need in their vehicles. No matter what type of family you belong to, finding the right vehicle should leave you satisfied and ready to start your own adventures.